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Original post from: :iconsaphiresama03o:

The TPP/Trans Pacific Partnership is what everyone here really needs to worry about. The fast-track has already been signed by Obama while we were focusing on the gay marriage legalization, and sex change of Caitlyn Jenner. The TPP is going to put profit before the economy and the planet.…


Our main issue here is that corporations are going to be equal to government. This means that they will be granted the power to abuse important laws and regulations in our countries. Laws that include, but are not limited to: food and product safety, environmental standards, intellectual property rights, and any regulation that may effect the functioning of a corporation. 

The corporations can sue a country for doing something that may damage the future profits of a product. An example would be Australia slapping on a warning label on cigarette boxes, effectively decreasing the amount of smoking in that country, as well as business prosperity. That corporation can take Australia into international court.

The corporations and our governments wont have true equality in the eyes of the international court. Why? This is because the international court is FUNDED by these corporations. Who do you think is going to win when your government goes to court against the businesses leaking dangerous chemicals into your own backyard? The country will no longer have a voice, or sovereignty.

Obama/ Worldwide

Obama is selling the USA out for cash, and the senators and congressmen will be swimming in it as we lose our jobs! Obama is throwing away freedom of speech, and flushing democracy down the toilet. He might as well go and destroy the Statue of Liberty while he's at it. He's already signed the fast-track, we're on the road to fascism. 

And this is not only going to be an American problem, this is WORLDWIDE! Many more countries are in the process of signing it, not even fully knowing what's written inside. This deal has been talked about in secret for years now, and we don't know what's in it. The politics who are allowed to see it are forbidden to expose it to the public, but some portions of it have already been leaked thanks to WikiLeaks:……

Their reasoning for keeping it a secret is that they want it to work easier, but when you read what has been exposed in WikiLeaks, you'll realize why it's so secretive, why they don't want us to know.


The corporations are going to list profit as their first priority, and wreck our planet in the process of it. Once they destroy all of our resources, there will be no profit in the future. In regards to environmental protection, Obama is taking a major step back from President Bush in 2007, when he would not pass a trade agreement until environmental laws were enforced. We're already seeing species die off as it is. Oceans are getting polluted, global warming is increasing, and the ozone is breaking, allowing cancerous growths on our skin. The TPP will negatively affect the water that we drink, and the air that we breathe in. 

Leaked TPP Document Reveals No Regard for Environment in Trade Agreement


The FDA/ Food and Drug Administration will no longer exist once this bill is established. The corporations will want to take down food labels to hide the harmful chemicals and hormones they put in it. It'll be like eating McDonald's everyday after you've done your grocery shopping every other week. 

Here are the long term effects of consuming GMO from McDonald's ketchup, or more specifically, the extra corn syrup they like adding to it: 

Rat Tumor by SaphireSama03o

Want a better understanding of what they may put inside the future foods you're eating?…


You wont be living in the comfort and privacy of your own internet anymore. Your internet service provider will be ordered to examine your online activities. You'll be fined for downloading a copyrighted song, movie, or something as little as uploading a YouTube video with clips from other's videos. It wont matter to them if it was for educational purposes. 

They can easily bring SOPA back, that bill we revolted against a few years ago. Obama wanted to revive only a certain part of it, but the corporations will have no problem bringing back the whole thing! The internet will be censored, and they will eliminate portal webpages. We'll see many internet cultures disappear, like doujinshis and parodys. And in Japan, communities like Nikoniko video and Comic Market will be endangered by this agreement.


Although this isn't our biggest issue, people are going to inevitably lose jobs. It'll be just like NAFTA when they outsourced all our jobs, except it'll be worse. What we get in return from this bill is making the poor even poorer, and the rich even richer. We wont have a bright occupational future for jobs anymore. They don't care about the poor, they'd prefer eliminating the middle class and keep us as slaves to fill their already loaded piggy banks. Taxes will be raised when they sue our government in an unfair international court. The only way you can survive in this if you have an important role in a huge business. 

The democrats are on board will the establishment of this bill, and are ready to help the people train in a seminar on how to flip a diseased burger at McDonald's!…

Watch this video here if you want a better understanding of the TPP: 

If you want more knowledge on this issue, I suggest you read through these links and watch these extra videos I've posted:

Disastrous TPP Trade Deal One Step Closer To Passing  -Secular Talk (YouTube)

The TPP What You're Not Being Told (YouTube)

Five Scary Things About the Trans-Pacific Partnership  (YouTube)

Our last hope is the final congress vote in America, and the rest of the countries who have not signed yet. There is NOTHING free about this "Free Trade Agreement", and there is no expiration date. 

What you can do to help is to favorite this post, spread the word through your own journal, social media sites, and friends/ family online and in real life. 

Here is a link to call or email your senator, make them fear November when voting season comes up:……

Petitions to sign against the TPP:………

I give credit to all of the sources in here, and my friends who have influenced me to write this.

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